Bubble Challenge General Information

The Bubble Challenge is a geometric pattern comprised 0f 35 bubbles, 15 large and 20 small ones.
The pattern they are arranged in has 87 shapes of varying numbers of bubbles.
10 of the bubbles are filled in randomly with red. The numbers from 0 to 9 that can not be altered.
The player must fill in the remaining bubbles to make the most shapes unique.
Note: That is, a shape is unique if there are no duplicate numbers in it.
A player receives points equal to the number of bubbles in each of their unique shapes.
An Art Prize and Poetry Prize are awarded for each score.
Note: In the future, sponsors will provide. valuable prizes so practice now have fun and be ready.

Pokerstr8ts/Golf General Information

Pokerstr8ts Original is played on a 6 x 6 grid with 6 black squares breaking the white squares up into hands from 2 to 6 squares.
Can be played on a phone anywhere.
Note: It is "FREE".
Players that signup in the same interval can compete with each other for fun.
Click Register and play button to get free poker online game to play on your PC
After you register, sign in on top right login button. Then go to Home page
just click the "Download Game" button below. If you do see warnings you may ignore those and click on "keep" and "more info" link then the "run anyway" button on the following screen.
Save to your PC folder and then open the newly created "poker.exe" file . You will see a "7-zip" popup window then click extract button, next click on the pokerstr8ights file as shown in image to the right to begin playing our games!